A few of my song score Art21 episode “Louise Despont: According To The Universe”

I have been a follower of Art21 for the last couple of years.  I just recently found out that they used a few of my songs to score an episode for an artist.  I am truly honored and thrilled!

What is the source of inspiration? Filmed in her Tribeca studio, Louise Despont peruses a vast reference library of images she began collecting in high school and maintains to this day. Drawn to geometry, energy waves, and universal symbols, Despont’s interests reveal a fascination with underlying patterns and cosmological draughtsmen: Rudolf Steiner, Carl Jung, Agnes Martin, Charles Burchfield, Martin Ramirez, Achilles G. Rizzoli, Adolf Wölfli, Hilma af Klint, Theosophy, Buddhist medical charts, Shaker gift drawings, seismographs, echolocation, mandalas, yantras, Tantric drawings, maps, gardens, fasciation in plants, beehives, kilim, ikat, Jantar Mantar, and masks. “What’s so interesting about the creative act is that you can access something completely outside yourself,” says Despont, who makes a distinction between consciously referencing subject matter in her artwork versus communing with a sense of unconscious awareness. “If you offer yourself up as the hands to make the work the relationship you form with what you communicate with has its own voice.” Featuring Despont’s drawings included in the exhibitions Harmonic Tremor (2015) at Nicelle Beauchene and The Six-Sided Force (2014) at Pioneer Works, as well as scenes from her stop-motion animation Experiments in Moving Drawings, Parts I & II (2007).

Louise Despont (b. 1983, New York, New York, USA) lives and works between New York and Bali, Indonesia.

CREDITS | ART21 New York Close Up Created & Produced by: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich. Director: Wesley Miller. Editor: Brad Kimbrough. Cinematography: John Marton, Wesley Miller & Andrew Whitlatch. Sound: Wesley Miller. Design & Graphics: Open. Music: Jared C. Balogh. Thanks: Nicelle Beauchene, Catherine Despont, Thierry Despont, Gabriel Florenz, Pioneer Works, Inae Rurup & Dustin Yellen. An ART21 Workshop Production. © ART21, Inc. 2015. All rights reserved.

Link to full article and video: http://www.art21.org/newyorkcloseup/films/louise-despont-according-to-the-universe/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Art21_Facebook
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Schon Magazine video ad!

My song “Enchiladas Pots” with Schön! Magazine video ad.
Video By: Barbara Donninelli
Schön! is a London based luxurious printed publication, with an annual global circulation of over 92,000. It is available to buy in print in 13 countries and read online in 197 countries worldwide, to download as PDF, on Apple iTunes Newsstand and your Android device. www.schonmagazine.com

LE RÊVE for Schön! Magazine from Schön! Magazine on Vimeo.

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Areia (Excerpt) video by Ines Von Bonhorst

Video made during the project Mnemonic City Lisbon, curated by MAGMA and Roundabout.Lx.
“Areia” is written and directed by Ines Von Bonhorst, filmed by Yuri Pirondi and Music by Jared C. Balogh

Full version currently being submitted to film festivals

“Areia” is a retrospective guise to a particular face of the artist life. Inês von Bonhorst comes back to the country and city where she born and grow up to give an intimate look to what surrounds her.
“Areia” is a time machine where the artist is trying to find her deepest memories.
She walk the ancient paths again, some of the landscapes are still recognizable, but other places are definitely changed by the unrelenting time passing.

Areia Excerpt from Ines von Bonhorst on Vimeo.

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An Appreciation by The Music of Ancient Greece Released On Surrism-Phonoethics

Free Stream and Download Via Free Music Archive player:

“”The music of ancient Greece was almost universally present in society, from marriages and funerals to religious ceremonies, theatre, folk music and the ballad-like reciting of epic poetry. It thus played an integral role in the lives of ancient Greeks. There are significant fragments of actual Greek musical notation as well as many literary references to ancient Greek music, such that some things can be known—or reasonably surmised—about what the music sounded like, the general role of music in society, the economics of music, the importance of a professional caste of musicians, etc” (Wikipedia,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_ancient_Greece).
The tracks on this compilation are either covers of the remaining fragments of Ancient Greek music, or a reflection of the participating artists on the cultural legacy of Ancient Greece and an attempt to find the music of Ancient Greece in their own compositional approaches.”
V.A.-“The Music of Ancient gReece: an appReciation”
1Seikilos Epitaph with the Lyre of Apollo by Lina Palera (Lyre 2.0 Project player)
2Anaximander Fragment by Anthony Donovan
3Anakrosmix by Dave Fuglewicz
4Okružen mrtvima by Crocodile Tears
5Cultures All In Harmony by Hectic Head
6Red Ext Top Moontain by nobodisoundz
7Anakrousis by Lezet
8In White Stone by Lomz
9Pythian Chant by Ophed
10Τράβα ρε αλάνη by Alen Ilijić
11Rizoma by Mu.
12The Great Unknown pt.3 by Zoran & Borut
13Ancient Greece Noise by Seiei Jack
14Atermon by BroodingSideOfMadness
15The Same Stream Twice by Daitse
16Agia Kore by Autumna X Triage
17Αρχαία Μουσική Για Σύγχρονη Φορές (Ancient Music For Modern Times) by Jared C. Balogh
18Hymne de apophia by L o W & CROCODILE TEARS
19Phrygian Alure (Γιαάν Πάτερσον) by Jaan Patterson
Curated by Igor Jovanovic
Released by suRRism-Phonoethics
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Video featured on artFido

My song “Groovy Sway” that appears on artist Paul White art video “30 Hour Drawing”  is featured on artFido.  Almost 130,ooo on artFido (Facebook post) in a few days!!!!

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Life Like Thunderstorms “Awkward Balance” reviewed on Recent Music Heroes

FrontLife Like Thunderstorms “Awkward Balance” reviewed on Recent Music Heroes.  You can check out the entire review here: http://agier.blogspot.com/2015/09/life-like-thunderstorms-awkward-balance.html

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“Classic. Clean. American Art Movies” film by Ryan L. Lewis IV (Obscura Films)

One of my long time Musician/Artist friends Ryan L Lewis IV​ from North Carolina made a very cool short film (Obscura Films) using one of my songs. The film is called “Classic. Clean. American Art Movies” The film also has a very short clip of Easton, PA musician Tatsuya Nakatani​. If you have 4 minutes and 29 seconds to watch this film it is well worth it.

Obscura Films. // Show Reel “Classic. Clean. American Art Movies.” from Obscura Films. on Vimeo.

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“Awkward Balance” Reviewed On Independent Review by Kent Manthie

A great review by Kent Manthie (Independent Review) on my Life Like Thunderstorms “Awkward Balance” e.p.! Check it out here: https://kmanthie.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/an-inner-ear-thing/

“Awkward Balance” Free Stream And Download here:

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J.C.B. on The Breakroom podcast

Back in the summer I spent some time with the guys (Jon Stein and Josh Harold) from The Breakroom podcast.  Here is the video and audio versions

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Classwar Karaoke “Survey__0031” is out now!!!!

New Classwar Karaoke “Survey_0031” is out now. Got a Life Life Thunderstorms track on this Survey called “Mirrored Militia”.  Thanks Anthony Donovan​ and Jaan Patterson​ (Γιαάν Πάτερσον​) great job and hard work putting out each Survey. Stream and Download full compilation via this player:

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