Pink Hex two new releases!!!!

Pink Hex a.k.a. The Nasty Noise Boyz have two new releases out! First release are two tracks recorded live at Shard’s by Matthew Ryan Molchany back in December 2016 and the other release is one live track from show last week in Delaware at the Newark Bike Project (Jamie Orlando). You can stream/download for free both releases here:

Edmond Cho: Guitar/Noise

Joel Kromer: Guitar/Noise

Jared C. Balogh: Drums, Percussions and Piano

Pink Hex- Live @ Shard’s

Pink Hex- Live @ Newark Bike Project (Newark, Delaware) June 30th, 2017

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Art Shows (Spring 2017)

Highlights from Spring of 2017 Art Shows

Blink (Optical Boutique) in Allentown, PA (May-July 2017) with DJ Mumbler

@ Blink (Allentown, PA) June 16th, 2017

@ Blink (Allentown, PA) June 16th, 2017

@ Blink (Allentown, PA) June 16th, 2017







Shalom Neuman Museum/International Fusion Gallery in Easton, PA (June-July 2017)

Shalom Neumna Museum/International Fusionism Gallery (Easton, PA) June 23, 2017

Shalom Neumna Museum/International Fusionism Gallery (Easton, PA) June 23, 2017








The Alternative Gallery in Allentown, PA (June-July 2017) with DJ Mumbler





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New Altered State Reflections Releases !!!!

Two new release from Altered State Reflections!  Highburnator brutal hardcord death metal from Eastern Pennsylvania and Moonflower Alternative/Post Rock from Central Delaware. Check them out!!!!

Highburnator- The Clambake Doesn’t Stop

Moonflower- It’s Over, It’s Under/Ancient Burial Mound


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Trip to San Diego and Los Angeles (American Artist Paul Maxwell Art Studio)

My time in San Diego and Los Angeles was quite amazing.  Thank you to everybody that made this possible for me.  Here are some pictures of me working in Paul Maxwell’s home studio (with completed paintings), with his agent Cher Dale and their puppy dog crew (Zoe, Sonya, Isabella and Tomco).


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Live @ Pita King (Allentown, PA) May 5th, 2017

Jared C. Balogh live performance at Lehigh Valley artist Fransic Beaty‘s art opening @ Pita King (Allentown, PA) May 5th, 2017.

Francis Beaty (Website): and

Jared C. Balogh:

Released on Altered State Reflections (ASR125)

Free Stream and Download Here:

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Ninwen & Jacob Koslowsky | Attempt 7- Jared C. Balogh- VIDEO

I have come across nearly 10,000 videos that use my music over the last several years. I have seen quite a few amazing videos.  There are a few that standout from the crowd of amazing and are placed in the category of “Perfection”.  I think this video fits in that category of “Perfection”.

Video edited with the footage from the music video “Who’s loving you?” Auryn ft. Anastasia
Performers: Ninwen & Jacob Koslowsky
Edited: Blanca Santiago aka Ninwen
Music: Attempt 7Jared C. Balogh | Album: A Failed Attempt Of A Trip

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New Album Released on Altered State Reflections!!!! Jared C. Balogh “A Failed Attempt Of A Trip Hop Album”

This was going to be music for a new Life Like Thunderstorms album that was going to be trip hop influenced. Then I decided I didn’t want to perform LLT anymore and it really didn’t sound trip hoppy.  So….here is what “A Failed Attempt Of A Trip Hop Album” sounds like.

Released on Altered State Reflections in Bethlehem, PA (USA).  “A Failed Attempt Of A Trip Hop Album” (ASR124).

Free Stream and Download via Free Music Archive player

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Collaboration with The Longhairs!!!!

I know I have a lot of Metal, Stoner, Doom heads out there in Facebook Land that have long hair. I have been collaborating with The Longhairs out in San Diego, CA. They used my one song “Funky Bliss” for their video and will continue using my music for other videos in the future. I am honored! It is self start small business that is dedicated to men that sport the long hair look. Please check out this video and their website: and

The Longhairs are a global community for men with long hair, advocating, educating and celebrating long hair on men
Since we are, in fact, two guys with long hair, we’ve learned a few things about longhairs:
1) men with long hair have things in common—like making it through the awkward stage.
2) almost everything for long hair (tips, products, advice, etc.) is meant for women.
3) men with long hair could use some hair knowledge, tips and advice from other men.
That’s where The Longhairs come in. We serve up hair knowledge, community and weekly freshness for guys with long hair:
Get the full experience on our website: get involved with the longhair community, or post a longhair comment on our page. But if you don’t do anything…don’t cut your hair.
And when you see other longhairs out there, give ’em the head nod. And keep lettin’ it ride.




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Once in a Life Time Opportunity for me! Educational Trip To Legendary American Artist Paul Maxwell’s Studio in May 2017

Hello everybody,

Yes, I started a GoFundMe Campaign. Please don’t hate me. I have been offered to go out to San Diego to the Legendary American Artist Paul Maxwell‘s studio to work/study for the last few years but never could afford it. I know many people know how much I talk about Paul and his agent and what they mean to me and what I mean to them. A very special bond between us has formed over the years. My time is running out for me to do this. I was offer a last opportunity several days ago by his agent to go out this May to study/work out of Paul Maxwell‘s studio for the whole month of May. Many of my family and friends know how many risks, sacrifices and dedications I have made over the last 20 years musically and artistically to follow my dreams. I have never taken the safe path. If you truly believe in what I am doing and can do please donate any amount to help my way to San Diego: $5, $10, $20 or more and/or share this link to spread the word. Thank you, Jared C. Balogh

Once in a Life Time Opportunity for me!

In the month of May, 2017––
I have an opportunity to work out of the legendary American Artist Paul Maxwell’s ART studio and home, in San Diego, CA.

While there working on my art (painting on canvas) it would also afford me opportunities to call on Art Galleries in San Diego and the Los Angeles areas and further my education in the arts and culture by being able to visit and attend various events in Museums..

Funds would be used for:

Car rental
Art Supplies bought while there working
Loss of income from my not be able to work at earning an income

I would need the funds of $3,900 before the end of April. I must have at least the amount for the Airfare and the Car Rental ASAP.

Each dollar donated would mean the world to me.

I need people to understand I have made many sacrifices in these last 20 years in devotion to my creative work in the ARTS –– this opportunity provided me could tremendously boost my career to a better level.

It is my goal to complete (4) paintings / Acrylic on Canvas while working out of the Paul Maxwell ART Studio and then find a Gallery in the area to consign my newest works of art produced there.

Please donate here:

“For The Risk Of Everything” @ Gallery 724 (Allentown, PA) January 19th, 2017

About my artist vision:

I am a self-taught artist who draws from many disciplines. My creative process is largely improvised and free-flowing, giving my work a distinctive character that has been described as Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist. Creating art for me is a subtle process of communication and discovery. Conceptually, I draw from a number of themes including: Nature, Humor, Cityscapes, Abstraction, Surrealism, Figurative, Self-Portraits, Animals, and The Unconscious/Subconscious Mind.

My work is meant to be freely and openly interpreted. My purpose is to invoke fresh, unexpected perspectives in my audience. I aim to break conceptual boundaries through my choice of subject matter by delving into uncharted territory drawn mainly from personal experience and emotional states

Jared C. Balogh (American, 1975-Present) is a self-taught artist from Bethlehem, PA. The breadth of his work expands across many disciplines, including painting, sculpture, music video production, photography, sound art, and soundtracks for both the performing and digital arts. His vision encompasses the diverse, textured, surreal, abstract, complex, and simplistic. Much of his work revolves around themes such as humor, animals, nature, cityscapes, self-portraits, and abstraction.

Over the last 20 years, Balogh produced 150 paintings, 20 sculptures, 40 music videos and stop action animations, and an array of album covers. Also a musician, Balogh has produced a prolific repertoire of sound art under various monikers which have been released on experimental/avant-garde net and record labels domestically and internationally. His compositions have been used for live performances and art installations around the world.  Since 2016, his art has been displayed in galleries, cafes, and business in the Lehigh Valley, Berks County, Lancaster, and New York, and his work has been featured in performance and art installations in Australia, Italy, Spain, Florida, New York City, Portland (Oregon), Philadelphia, Colorado, Massachusetts, San Francisco and Brooklyn.

Paul E. Maxwell was a modern artist and sculptor who developed a technique for using stencils to create thickly textured and layered surfaces, as well as objects he patented as “stencil casting” but that later became known as “Maxwell Pochoir.” He was also known for creating the “Max Wall” in the West Atrium of the Dallas Apparel Mart; though demolished in 2006, it can be seen as a backdrop in the science-fiction movie Logan’s Run. His work is highly abstract and often consists of some kind of grid—a form that is non-hierarchical and illustrates a major theme of his work.

Paul Maxwell was born in Frost Prairie (Ashley County) on September 17, 1925, to the farm family of Willie F. and Robert M. Maxwell. The sixth of seven children, Maxwell considered himself an artist from an early age and recalled the landscape of Frost Prairie as “pure form—wide unbroken fields of tall grass which the slightest breeze could shape into waves and ripples of golden light.” He said that drawing in the exposed clay soil there may have been an early inspiration for the kind of textured surfaces he would later create.

When Maxwell was nine, the family moved to Bastrop, Louisiana, where he completed high school. Maxwell went on to graduate from Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, in 1950 with a BA in art, followed by graduate work at Claremont College in California. While at Claremont, Maxwell had his first museum show in Stockton, California. In 1951, Maxwell exhibited his work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in a show that included such artists as Picasso, Miro, and Matta; also that year, he had his first commercial gallery exhibition.

From 1955 to 1958, Maxwell taught at the Houston Museum of Art and at the University of Houston. From 1959 to 1961, he lectured and exhibited his work in Europe under the sponsorship of the U.S. Information Agency while maintaining a gallery in Switzerland. During the rest of the 1960s and into the 1970s and 1980s, Maxwell lived and worked in Texas and Oklahoma, receiving commissions for works in public spaces such as a wall sculpture in the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the free-standing sculpture for the lobby of the Stark County Library in Canton, Ohio.

It was also during the 1970s that Maxwell developed and created pieces using his stencil-casting technique. In 1985, a twelve-minute documentary that dealt with Maxwell’s work was produced by Carol Shroeder and broadcast by PBS. The documentary, titled Paul Maxwell: Lines/Horizons, won the American Film Festival Red Ribbon Award for Best Short Documentary and the Mitchell Wilder Gold Medal Award given by the Texas Association of Museums, both in 1986. Maxwell was also the subject of the 2007 short film Through a Veil of Knowledge: The Legacy of Paul Maxwell, directed by Richard Balin.

Maxwell had exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States and in England, Switzerland, France, Canada, and Australia. The permanent collection at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock (Pulaski County) includes the Maxwell piece Regimenta (1980), an acrylic painting on paper.

Maxwell died on July 10, 2015.

As a gift for every donator, I have unlocked my one pro music licensing catalog for free download. I have never released these songs to the public. Now is the time to get these songs!  They are in 24 Bit/48KHz .wav format (High Quality).  If you donate you can acquire the download full catalog or selected tracks:

Please check out more details of my art accoplishments: Altered State Of Mine

Please donate here:


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A new Altered State Reflections release by The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections

A new Altered State Reflections (ASR123) release “Dead Beat” by The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections from Ukraine is released today! There are 4 songs that are free to download and other tracks are donation suggested. Plus a real cool live video. Please check out all links for release on the post.

There is a ritual
when one comes to cemetery and offers his/her body for a hungry demons by blowing a bone trumpet – for a cleansing by sacrificing all fears
I`ve done it in India and im doing it in Ukraine

The Shades and Mirrors
Smoke and Illusions
That all it is

Review by Hip Priest…/music-the-orchestra-of-mirrored-reflect…/

Review by Artem Risukhin

Review by Serge Timmers…/the-orchestra-of-mirrored-reflecti…
released March 2, 2017

Cover Art by Mariam Duduchava (

Recording, Mastering, Sax, Guitar, Bowed Guitar, Shakuhachi, Clarinet, Patching, Fx, Programming – Jol Tai

Bass, Kaossilator, Synths, Patching, Fx, Drum Programming – Michael Mordan

Glockenspiel, Pads – Alinara Scaevola

Drums – Anton Pavlyukov (on track “Liquid Jihad” and “Stargazing”)

Tracks “Understanding Your Attachments” and “Third One From The Sun have been recorded at Art-Area DK (

Tracks “Stargazing’ and “Liquid Jihad” have been recorded at Funk Hole Records (
tags: ambient ambient jazz dark jazz darkambient darkjazz doom jazz doomjazz future jazz jazz and improvised music noir post-jazz voodoo-jazz Dnepropetrovsk

Jol Tai congratulation to Cosmonautick Day (Ukraine) and wanted his album to be released on this date to celebrate.

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