A new Altered State Reflections release by The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections

A new Altered State Reflections (ASR123) release “Dead Beat” by The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections from Ukraine is released today! There are 4 songs that are free to download and other tracks are donation suggested. Plus a real cool live video. Please check out all links for release on the post.

There is a ritual
when one comes to cemetery and offers his/her body for a hungry demons by blowing a bone trumpet – for a cleansing by sacrificing all fears
I`ve done it in India and im doing it in Ukraine

The Shades and Mirrors
Smoke and Illusions
That all it is

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Review by Artem Risukhin liroom.com.ua/news/the-orchestra-of-mirrored-reflections/

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released March 2, 2017

Cover Art by Mariam Duduchava (duduchava.com www.instagram.com/neolismatica/)

Recording, Mastering, Sax, Guitar, Bowed Guitar, Shakuhachi, Clarinet, Patching, Fx, Programming – Jol Tai

Bass, Kaossilator, Synths, Patching, Fx, Drum Programming – Michael Mordan

Glockenspiel, Pads – Alinara Scaevola

Drums – Anton Pavlyukov (on track “Liquid Jihad” and “Stargazing”)

Tracks “Understanding Your Attachments” and “Third One From The Sun have been recorded at Art-Area DK (www.facebook.com/ARTAREA.DK)

Tracks “Stargazing’ and “Liquid Jihad” have been recorded at Funk Hole Records (www.facebook.com/funkholerecords/)
tags: ambient ambient jazz dark jazz darkambient darkjazz doom jazz doomjazz future jazz jazz and improvised music noir post-jazz voodoo-jazz Dnepropetrovsk

Jol Tai congratulation to Cosmonautick Day (Ukraine) and wanted his album to be released on this date to celebrate.

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