Collaboration with The Longhairs!!!!

I know I have a lot of Metal, Stoner, Doom heads out there in Facebook Land that have long hair. I have been collaborating with The Longhairs out in San Diego, CA. They used my one song “Funky Bliss” for their video and will continue using my music for other videos in the future. I am honored! It is self start small business that is dedicated to men that sport the long hair look. Please check out this video and their website: and

The Longhairs are a global community for men with long hair, advocating, educating and celebrating long hair on men
Since we are, in fact, two guys with long hair, we’ve learned a few things about longhairs:
1) men with long hair have things in common—like making it through the awkward stage.
2) almost everything for long hair (tips, products, advice, etc.) is meant for women.
3) men with long hair could use some hair knowledge, tips and advice from other men.
That’s where The Longhairs come in. We serve up hair knowledge, community and weekly freshness for guys with long hair:
Get the full experience on our website: get involved with the longhair community, or post a longhair comment on our page. But if you don’t do anything…don’t cut your hair.
And when you see other longhairs out there, give ’em the head nod. And keep lettin’ it ride.




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Multi-Media Artist From Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
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