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My album “A Compilation From Compilation Of Compositions” reached 100,000 downloads (c. 37,000 full album downloads) the other day on the Free Music Archive. Jazz, Classical and Noise are very non mainstream genres of music and this album comprise of all three of those genres. This was a difficult milestone to reach. So thank you Free Music Archive, for all the people that have downloaded this album and the record labels (Kermesse Records (Argentina), Sirona Records (France), Hal’s Tapes (USA), Head Full Of Music (Europe), Enough Records (Portugal), Altered State Reflections (USA) and Dark Meadow (England)) that released the songs. I am honored! You can download and stream the album via this link.

I recently received a grant to set up show at the Allentown Art Museum in Allentown, PA during the “Big Reveal” Event.  I would like to thank Deborah Rabinsky and Allentown Art Museum.  Show took place in the Kesser Gallery (Old Masters Gallery) with Matt Wolf (Poetry), Cleveland Wall (Poetry) and Pink Hex (Ed Cho, Joel Kromer, Jack Wright and Jared C. Balogh) all performed at this show. Some of the art in the Kesser Gallery are several hundred years old.  Photos by Marco Calderon and Cale Muffley.

About Jared Balogh

Multi-Media Artist From Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
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