Sophisticate Ape: Literature, Radio and Art= 100,000 Listeners Minutes!

Sophisticated Ape Radio (Lehigh/Berks County, Pennsylvania) just crossed 100,000 listener minutes per month! Be sure to check out all of the new content in the radio stream at Tune in daily if you’re looking for new, independent music from around the world. We’re streaming a hand-selected mix of #rock, #blues, #jazz, #metal, #funk, #fusion and outer space weirdness including some of your favorites from Altered State Reflections. *cough* Jared C. Balogh *cough* Nate Marks -John Farley (Sophisticated Ape)

Congrats John Farley!  I am honored to be apart of your well deserved success.

About Jared Balogh

Multi-Media Artist From Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
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