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I am a multi-media artist from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania U.S.A.  I have two experimental audio projects: Trans Atlantic Rage and Balogh (Jared C. Balogh: pronounced Bay-log).  Trans Atlantic Rage was established back in 1998 and Balogh was establish in July of 2010. The difference between each projects are that Trans Atlantic Rage is predicated on heavy processing, effect usage, and editing and Balogh is more organic which relies on intuitive first take creating, composing in notation, and minimal editing forms of music. I am also a part of other collaborative music projects.  I express myself through my painting, sculptures, music videos, digital art, and photography.  Also, I am involved in studio engineering, recording, mixing, producing and mastering, live sound set up and mixing, and live show lighting experience.  I have put on a hand full of live shows in the mid to late 1990’s and have run the net label Altered State Reflections.

Over the last couple of years my music has been used in numerous film, tv, animations, radio, video games, apps, live performances, web commercials, show reels, documentaries, podcast, etc…. and have many releases and collaborated with musician/artists from around the world.

Please check out the many pages on this site – it goes far more in depth than this bio.  I have tried to update and be as accurate as I can with all of the information of past releases and happenings.   I hope you enjoy this site and return for future discoveries.   Jared

other site to visit:

ScoreStreet (Jared C. Balogh)  To Purchase My Sheet Music for Film, Tv, Live Performances, Performing Arts, Etc…. Visit this link!/J_BALOGH1




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  1. Anthony Reyes says:

    Jared — I am currently working on a video project for the U.S. Department of the Treasury and came across one of your works on that we are interested in using. Could you please contact me in the 24 hours to discuss the Creative Commons licensing terms we would have to agree to in order to use one of your Jazz tracks as background music for a video? I hope we can figure something out right away since I’m on a tight deadline — and possibly for projects in the future. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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