Collaboration With American Artist: Paul Maxwell

Rest In Peace!!!! American Artist and Friend Paul Maxwell thank you for everything and inviting me into your world. You were an amazing artist and influence on me. I think more importantly you were very loving, intune and compassionate of all living things I am truly honored to have met you and worked with you. – Jared C. BaloghPaul Maxwell

Paul Maxwell      Paul Maxwell. American artist Paul Maxwell (born in Frost Prairie, Arkansas) is a prolific artist who enjoys working in many different media. He is a well known sculptor, painter, creator of functional art forms and conceptual art, and is also a printmaker. Maxwell is the inventor of a printmaking process which now makes possible (for all artists of the world) the use of an expanded and enriched printing medium. The medium is maxwell-pochoir aka acrylic casting or stencil casting. The printing process is named after the artist. Maxwell-pochoir is similar to serigraphy; however, it uses a unique acrylic molding paste (artist’s material) which permits work in a heavy, precisely controlled relief that can be applied to various surfaces, including paper, canvas, wood, etc, This process uses techniques and materials that make possible a substantial relief element in printmaking (allowing for a much greater three-dimensionality than had ever been possible before in any printmaking medium. In addition to producing art, Maxwell has scripted, produced and hosted more than a hundred art oriented television programs for the world’s first educational television station. Maxwell’s art has been included in hundreds of one-person and group exhibitions globally and is included throughout the world in the permanent collections of numerous museums, universities, libraries, corporations and is extensively collected privately. -Art Brokerage

“I paint what I see, in the sense that I see everything, sky included, through a veil of knowledge. I know, and you know, that the sky is not just empty space. It is filled with invisible energies and forces such as gravity, Earth’s magnetic field, infrared radiation and x-rays. I use a field of lines to symbolize the energies and forces that I know to be there”.-Paul Maxwell

Video: “Horizontal Drift” Song “Horizontal Drift” By: Jared C. Balogh

Video: “4×4″ Song: “Deep Dual Love” By: Jared C. Balogh:

Video: “Paul Maxwell Art in the Permanent Collection of UAM” Song “At Last” By Jared C. Balogh

Video: “Measuring Device SongCyprus” By: Jared C. BaloghDownload

Video: “Are They Paintings or Are They Sculptures? – Part 1  Song “Emotions Leading To Nowhere” By: Jared C. Balogh

Video: “Paul Maxwell Art Trailer  Song “Strides” by Jared C. Balogh

Video: “TRIPTUKHOS  Song “Shaking Off The Rust” by Jared C. Balogh

Video: “Great Strides”  Song “Strides” by Jared C. Balogh

Video: “Fantasia I, II, III” Song used “Good Morning Good Evening Good Night” By Jared C. Balogh


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10 Responses to Collaboration With American Artist: Paul Maxwell

  1. Thank You So Much For This Beautiful Moving Tribute To Paul Maxwell.
    4 x 4 is an incredible piece that shows how progressively his thoughts on exhibition embraced the opportunities of social media – perhaps the newest “plates” on which his work will inspire hearts and minds. #ArtIsaRT. Forever Influenced By Paul Maxwell; Both The Master Artist & The Master Of His Destiny.

    • Jared Balogh says:

      Melissa Balin,

      I guess for me the phrase “Better Late Than Never” really fits my collaboration and friendship with Paul Maxwell (and Cher Dale). I just meet Paul and Cher back in spring of 2013. Both of them have/had a major impact on my life (Music, Art and Life). Truly honored to know both of them.

  2. Hershel says:

    I am so thankful that you produced this tasteful page to
    share with those of us who knew Paul Maxwell and to those
    who will see it for the first time and hear his words.

    The music chosen together with the art compliment each
    other and puts the viewer in a special environment.
    I know Paul would be pleased that you did this.

    • Jared Balogh says:


      It was my honor to make a tribute page for him. Cher did a great job selecting my music and placing them with each piece of art. Even on my Free Music Archives page, I place the song “Horizontal Drift” which I wrote for the painting “Horizontal Drift” by Paul at the top of my page in tribute to him. Here is the link:

      – Jared

  3. Mike Carter says:

    Hi Jared,
    Paul told me how much he enjoyed your collaboration with his art.
    I know he would appreciate this tribute.
    He had many traits that were unique from any one else I ever met.
    He was an intellectual who was not condescending or stuffy.
    He thought even the worst of humanity would eventually turn themselves
    When future generations see his art, I hope they will see the positive aspects of it all.
    The people who say yes are the ones that count.

    • Jared Balogh says:

      I am honored him (and Cher), even considered to use my music to represent his work. Considering there are millions of artist and songs to chose from now a days. To think when Cher first tried to contact me in April of 2013 her e-mails went straight to my junk/spam folder without me knowing it. She contacted me again, a couple of months later and I happen to be checking my spam folder for another e-mail. To think if I did not go through my spam folder that day. Things would be a lot different for me. Unfortunately, I never got to meet Paul in person, just speaker phone conversations with him and Cher. What I have read about him, what people have said about him and most importantly the things Cher has told me about him. It felt like I know him all of my life. I could not agree with you and more Mike about what person he was. I am fully confident that Cher, his family, friends and fans will carry his legacy into the future with great importance which he greatly deserves and earned.

  4. Curtis W. says:

    I bought a serigraph today that is signed “P.Maxwell” It is #13 out of 25. It is pretty well abstract but isn’t very colorful. It appears to be of a conductor of an orchestra.
    I don’t know where else to look for information and would appreciate any help you can offer.

  5. Rebecca Curry says:

    I worked part time for Paul when I was fresh out of high school. I just answered phones and posted invoices to his accounting books at the Contemporary Arts Foundation. I also knew his brothers that worked with him. I have tried to follow his career but lost track when he left OKC. I am so glad to find this tribute to him and his work. I still own two prints that his brother framed for me. My daughter recently inquired about them and that is what led me to once again find information on the Internet. I am so sorry to learn of his passing.

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