Pink Hex

Pink Hex is an experimental/avant-garde/ambient/noise/drone/free form jazz band from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania U.S.A..

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Upcoming/Shows played show(s):

April 3rd, 2014 (Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe Pottstown, PA)
May 2nd, 2014 (at Podrum Mahzeni: Bethlehem, PA)
June 21st, 2014 (Connexions Gallery: Easton, PA)
July 12th, 2014 (Ratmilk: Kutztown, PA)
August 8th, 2014: (Connexions Gallery: Easton, PA)
August 30th, 2014 (Sportsmen’s Cafe: Allentown, PA)
September 19th, 2014 (Connexions Gallery: Easton,PA)
October 25th, 2014 (Warminster, PA The Festival Of Fears) 
November 23rd, 2014 (The Old Brick Theater: Scranton, PA)
February 12th, 2015 (Hava Java’s: Allentown, PA)
March 20th, 2015 (Connexions Gallery: Easton, PA)
April 8th, 2015 (Hava Java’s: Allentown, PA)
April 22nd, 2015 (Consolidated Cardboard: Allentown, PA)
May 22nd, 2015 (Connexions Gallery: Easton, PA)
June 14th, 2015 (THA DUNGEON: Bethlehem, PA)
July 11th, 2015 (The Mune: Saylorsburg, PA)
September 26th, 2015 (Connexions Gallery: Easton, PA)
September 29th, 2015 (Consolidated Cardboard: Allentown, PA)
April 21st, 2016 (Good Weekends: Allentown, PA)
August 12th, 2016 (Good Weekends: Allentown, PA)
September 3rd, 2016 (Alternative Gallery, Allentown, PA)
September 17th, 2016 @ Abandoned Studios (Johnson City, N.Y.)
September 30th, 2016 (ArtsFest: Allentown, PA)
November 25th, 2016 (Alternative Gallery, Allentown, PA)
January 27, 2017 with Megan Flynn Dance Company (Gallery 724, Allentown, PA)
June 30th, 2017 (Newark Bike Project, Newark, Delaware)
August 14th, 2017 (Good Weekends, Allentown, PA)
August 25th, 2017 (Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA)
October 14th, 2017 (The Mune, Saylorsburg, PA)
October 19th, 2017 (Allentown Art Museum, Allentown, PA)
February 15th, 2018 (Allentown Art Museum, Allentown, PA)
Current Lineup (2017):

Edmond Cho




Edmond Cho: Noise Guitar and Bass Guitar

Joel Cromer




J.K.: Noise Guitar/Synth

Url Kvnkal




Url Kvnkal: Noise

Radio Airplay




Jared C. Balogh: Drums/Percussion/Bass Guitar

Also appearing with Pink Hex: Jack Wright, Joe Limbus, Tyler Evens, Cary Lee Babcock, Josh Finch, Ryan Wise, Brion Williams and Garett William


Wheel Of Fortune #8 photo WheelOfFortune8_zps811b1595.jpg

Live Show Performances

Pink Hex: Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe (Pottstown, PA) 4/3/2014

Pink Hex: Live at Podrum Mahzeni (Bethlehem, PA) 5/2/2014

Pink Hex: Connexions Gallery (Easton, PA) June 21st, 2014

Pink Hex: Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA) July 12th, 2014

Pink Hex: Connexions Gallery (Easton, PA)  August 8th, 2014

Pink Hex: Sportsmens’s Cafe (Allentown, PA) August 30, 2014

Pink Hex: Connexions Gallery (Easton, PA) September 19th, 2014

Pink Hex: Festival Of Fears (Warminster, PA) October 25th, 2014

 Pink Hex: The Old Brick Theater (Scranton, PA) November 23rd, 2014

Pink Hex: Hava Java’s (Allentown, PA) 2/12/2015

Pink Hex: Connexions Gallery (Easton, PA) 3/20/2015

Pink Hex: Hava Java’s (Allentown, PA) 4/8/2015

Pink Hex: Consolidated Cardboard (Allentown, PA) 4/22/2015

Pink Hex: Connexions Gallery (Easton, PA) 5/22/2015

Pink Hex: The Mune (Saylorsburg, PA) 7/11/2015

Pink Hex: Connexions Gallery (Easton, PA) 9/26/2015

pink hex at connexions gallery 9:26:15 from Cassie Lynn on Vimeo.

Pink Hex: Consolidated Cardboard (Allentown, PA) 9/29/2015

Pink Hex: Allentown Art Museum (Allentown, PA 10/19/2015)


Abandon Studios Productions (Music Video)

Pink Hex and Ningen Kiki with the Megan Flynn Dance Company @ Gallery 724

Pink Hex appearing on an Episode of Space Heater by Dylan Anderko


NEPA SCENE: Pink Hex at Synaesthesia Social, 11/23/14

Act Of Silence “Most Interesting Of 2014”

A Unique Display Of Arts In Johnson City (FOX News-TV)


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