On Collaboration Album “THE MERRICKS/BALOGH“: “This is a masterpiece! I will be listening to this album years from now. Fantastic!”-Daniel Wymark

On Song “REMEMBER, MOURN, REJOICE: “I am sorry for your loss. Your composition is incredible and captures the emotion precisely.”-artemorbid, “To you Balogh, this song is truly sincere and gave me a special thoughts about my dog that I miss a lot.”-Tommaso Busatto, “I would love to hear your songs fully orchestrated”-Jeff Nichol, “Jared, I love this.♥”- Jenn Faulstick Kocsis and “Simply beautiful composition and homage, Jared! Brilliant percussion – specially the tubular bells’ usage – and melodies!”-George Cristian Vilela Pereira

On Song “ENCHANTING BLISS“:”listening “enchanting bliss”❥))))))‎)) full of grace ((“-Sonia Laura

On Album “DETACHING REALITIES“:”enjoying your music .. ludic ,rich in melodies and harmony!! great Jared!!”-Pablo Ribot, “sparkling glamour of grease passing the route of the time’s measurement,-faulty faulty I dare to speak…”-undRess Béton, Reviewer: humantracks  (5 Star Review) January 24, 2011 Subject: “More I enjoyed it very much. I’ll be waiting for more.” and “Sincerily, nice works. Proch of Zappa works sometimes with different instruments. Perfect rythmic !”– Éric Maigret

On song “Vanilla“: “vanilla nice”-Cece Chapman

On Album “i::::soul::::ate“: “…..tell Trans Atlantic Rage thanks for the Masterpiece”-A. Barbe (Sirona Records), “very captivating music, made me feel like im floathing”-Toxic Chicken and “great release awesome!!!”-Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

On Song “More Than Just A Couple Of Screw“: “yeah!!! love this!!! f*cking em up!!! with jazz core!!! <3”Toxic Chicken via Soundcloud

On E.P. “BALOGH/wilmer: S.ave T.he W.orld 1-4“: Reviewer: aReW recordings – – September 6, 2011
Subject: BALOGH/wilmer (5 Star Rating)= “great use of guitars, bass & drums. This 4 track EP by BALOGH/wilmer sounds like a band who are happy to experiment and try something new with their guitars, bass and drums. Great combination of improv, drone and jazz – highly recommended to all….”

SEEING THE ILLUMINATION OF THE SUN” Video: That’s the RIGHT angle to face the light! Beautiful video and music!  –George Cristian Vilela Pereira

CATCH POP LEFT“: “hey there my friend. I would just like to say that you have an absolutely amazing album on your hands with “Catchy Pop Left”. I absolutely adored that one. played it twice in a day one of the most refreshing albums i’ve heard in quite some time. maybe that is because I just emerged from the dusty desert and haven’t heard any music that wasn’t live dubstep in weeks. Just thought you ought to know, you made my day!”- Dishdawash Arnett  “♥ perfect for calm down and dreaming” and “love this release a lot, something i’ve never heared before’- Arnaud Barbe

Review of the song “I Ain’t Your Cyber Bitch”.“When the falling rain pauses in midair to wiggle a dance of rain drop fingers this song will blast from the speakers of every cell phone in the land at once . . .” –ONIONPALAC

On Album “Chaotic-Life-Fin“:”!!!no end to good pieces… how can I decide?”-Cece Chapman, “Poetical,ludic and sophisticated as well!”, “really magnificent Jared! I m hearing now!”,”excellent!!”-Pablo Ribot, “Love it!” and “WOW MAN! This lp is amazing…”-Terrence Meehan, Reviewer: Drizzi (5 Star Review) – October 1, 2011  Subject: NetMusic Life Review : “Thanks to you and your wonderful album…”-NET MUSIC LIFE, “Excellent and complete work…”-LE BEL NETLABEL, “You have a lot of compositions, impressive! Congratz”,”*good compositions” and “Fin and WHEN WILL THIS END? my favorites.”-Franzé Matos

on song Q+-Q= 0 (Q)“: “jared!just had a late night ramble to your bass track. outrageous! thaanksss” –Adrian Beentjes

On Album “i::::soul::::ate Vol.2“: “what a phenomenal album!Got round to listening to this gem now and I must say I’m completely mesmerized by the tracks.This could easily be your greatest work to date”- Igor Jovanovic

Review of song “DEAR MARKSTER MARK, TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT I WAS DRUNK WHEN I RECORDED THIS, PEACE OUT YO’, JARED”: “I like the way you just can’t tell at one point whether it’s feedback or flute, vocal or guitar. Then it evolves into a song, kind of. Then it disintegrates. The lyrics are cleverly self-descriptive. Around 11′ 20”, are you having sex with the guitar, or the efx box? Is there a movie? Do I have Alzheimer’s, or do I have Alzheimer’s? -ETTUSPADIX

onSOMEWHERE LEADING TO NOWHERE” (VIDEO): this is what beatovin would ov done now days i think i got his name wrong –Samuel Blackburn “oh shit this is so beautiful”- Arnaud Barbe

On song “Soul Harmonics“: “pure emotive composition.. respect & bravo” -by Nesta Talmadge via Soundcloud

on album RESONANT TABLEAUX“: “It’s about time you two got together. Excellent stuff.”- Euphegenia Fforbes-Watson “What a combination! Marvellous.”- Ettuspadix Beautilator “A very fine album indeed, the Balogh/Goff collaboration defines, distills and expands new musical horizons with a flair rarely seen. And the price is as right as rain is and ever will be. Go there now, download this masterpiece and listen.”– davefuglewicz (on 11/30/11 03:46:42)


“Very smooth tall drink of a visual*”- Terrence Meehan

CATCHY POP LEFT”  (5 STAR RATING) November 16, 2011  Subject: Sooooo Goood! a very beautiful surprising top notch quality album containing a very fresh indescribable unique freestyle sound i have never ever heard before! pure feel good music from a genius mind!-Reviewer: kai nobuko, “very very amazing beautiful free style jazzcore brilliant unique-ness!”, “anyone saying free music aint good is a freaking idiot!”, “this is excellent!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥” and “seriously really enjoyed this one big time ! very inspiring album” Karel De Goede

On Split release “Sean Derrick Cooper Marquartd/Jared C. Balogh“: “this is fucking amazing boys, good work. particulary emotional i think, i’m listenning it now in a dark room, watching the moon!”Arnaud Barbe and “nice job! i like i like. bout 7 min into the first one it starts gettin interesting ;)…the 2nd track is great too, pretty trippy guys! and that fucking album art! leik woa “-Mc Will

On E.P. “CLING“: “Cling is one of my favorite albums. You and Navatier need to do another.”-Nd

ON E.P. “BOHORQUEZ/BALOGH PROJECT: SELF-TITLE“CD-R: oh MAN! I LOVE THIS! “it’s great! the sounds are wonderful. it’s heavy and distorted and energetic, and those synth space noises are awesome. reminds me of tiger hatchery in space on drugs! i would love to put this out! –RAINBOW BRIDGE RECORDINGS

Review of song “A Sunny Day With Billy Ocean That Terribly Went Wrong“.“It seems the Caribbean Queen has at long last met with Count Circuit Bender and spawned a Prince! The Shado o’re the ocean is not so much “wrong,” but instead, casts a cloak where capsized ships sail under the steady watch of an apparently inspired Captain. As I shout, “Man Overboard,” I dive into the sine and the square with a smile…” –Taped Rugs Productions! and “I’m sorry; I must speak.  Wasting a perfectly good sunny day with Billy Ocean is inherently wrong.  There are organisations to help people like you. Fortunately, we are one of them.  Therefore the extended mat of welcome is extended to you extensively across “La Ocean’s” prostrate carcass. To some extent. The lifejackets are situated slightly to the left.”-ETTUSPADIX


“….I’ve put all those CD’s you sent me on my Zune, and everytime I need to make room for something new on it, I consider taking one of your albums off but just can’t do it. I took Merzbow off first.”-nd

“i have the “scaling the rift for dimensional keys” in my ipod, is very trippy and psycho listen that stuff and walking, or going in the car…watching the people, buildings and city landscape… make me feel in a one of jared´s videos! 🙂 very disconnected, one can apreciate reality in a different SCALE!…” –HYLAC DMAH

“i showed the last ones to my freinds up here alot of them come up to listen to em all the time on my surround sound set up shits fuckin tight man”-Bob

REVIEW OF SAKURA PUPS/TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE SPLIT “Trans Atlantic Rage is some mean nasty noise. It sounds like a alien car that won’t start, trapped in a garage of doom.” –[tlr]

ON “TEMPTING THE TEMPTRESS OF A GOD HIGH ABOVE“- great tracks by the way! i especially enjoyed all the super minimalist glitch parts, awesome! –LO-FI/SCI-FI RECORDS “I’m listening to “tempting a temptress” right now. Its great stuff as usual man. You definitely have one of the most eclectic sounds I have heard. Thanks for adding a little random to my day” –nd

“wonderful mix of worlds tubular pipes drain into my brain from yours the universe on a cassette my pen is thirsty, you provide fire and a place for my paper a bottle of ocean and my swimming pool is krunk”-Ophibre

“Man your videos are psycho.  It’s like music to an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  Did you put a vibrato on that one piano?  Your shit gives me insane inspirations like how I got a creepy concept for a video, not joking.  Just for fun I think it would be awesome if the theme to one of your songs/videos, or any song/video/movie, was based off of the premise that due to some unknown reason, “fucking machines” were attacking their women owners and raping straight men.  I know I’m fucked up, but at least you’re not the only one.”- Chris Navatier

“hey, outstanding sounds !!!  I love what I hear !!” –MACU

ON “SQUELCHING ANXIETIES” VIDEO: “very good work, i really enjoy it my friend, images and music are too much creative, and the actors…….my god, nice nice, glad to be friends, big hug from Argentina” –Topi of Kermesse Records

VISUAL CHAOS” DVD: “you kick ass this is an awesome release !” “its a go on the dvd !    totally badass !” “those songs with the images you’ve already made really move me.” “they really really take me somewhere !” “all I can say is that what I personally think is  going on in those vids with sight & sound is amazing. even with what you have on your myspace player.”- Timothy Joseph of Free Thinker Union Records

ON “SO I CHOSE FREEDOM”: “very very nice work you did, i really appreciate it, tomorrow i will download the zip file, sure i will like it without dudes, you are a great artist, musician and friend, i know, thanx and i will reply to you when i will get all material downloaded and listened, ok? all the best, hugs,” –Topi of Kermesse Records

ON “SNIPER BATTLE” VIDEO: Got it today. I’m watching it now. This is intense, man. I love it! It’s very disturbing (in a good way!), I can’t look away! The scenes with the kids playing with the live pistols are crazy! – Poor No Graphic

RECONNOITERING THE INTERNAL” ARTWORK/ALBUM: “Looks awesome man! The j-cards are beautiful, Jared; I’ve always loved your artwork.” “My buddy Nate who I do label trades with says he loves that album”. -Dylan Palme

“I listened to the “Infinite transmission” TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE collection that Ken compiled and I must say those are some of the most engaging and powerful pieces I’ve heard in a loooong time . It’s an honour to be on the same forthcoming PINK ESCAPISM compilation with you!” –Igor Jovanovic of LEZET

“i like your music”-Ophibre

I.N.G. 9” VIDEO (SHORT VERSION): “I watched I.N.G. 9 earlier today, damn good work my friend.”- Dylan Palme

On “TEMPORARY SOLITUDE” VIDEO: “Wow, I was blown away by this.  The video is very in sync with what the song is doing, down to the shadow movement.  This looks like it took a lot of time to get all these effects.  The amp looks like a spaceship.  Great music too.  More organic noise.  Hope yr. doin’ good!  Thanks, peace.
P.S. the one part it looks like you are jerking off the guitar…”- Chris Navatier

“I was listening to your newest through KIF when my roommate came home. he said I listen to the weirdest music. I love it. keep up the amazing work”-nd

“man you always come with the hella tight
tracks..”- Mike Scott of Koobaatoo Aspargus

in the future we need to do a tape or cd, possibly a split or something ? i really reaLLY LIKE your instrumental output ….the vids just compliment the sounds !!!!!” Timothy Joseph of El Diablos Blancos

“I seen your graffiti in the Best Buy bathroom. Good free advertising.”- Joe Richard

“good gooey, dig it
frappe bambino hit it
scabs ah wabbly dab and doo butt timbre
silly marker cuzzez whack mambilly scissor stroke
cuts a gamm index shams kile bomma gondo” -Ophibre

ON “TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE/ZUMUL” SPLIT: “cool, i just got your split w/ zumul. its really cool.”-OBEAST 

“Listened to those CD’s. That was so generous of you. They are great! I really liked that Sinatra album, made me feel like I was on drugs. Can’t wait to play them again.”-nd

“it’s great to be revisiting this page , it’s been a while since you contacted me via my other profil.Exceptional pieces! BTW, the TAR @lofiscifi & turbinicarpus are simply amazing!”  “Ken told me you sent me a myspace message , but I received none (there’s something terribly wrong with my myspace mail section-I cannot seem to access any mail sent to me via myspace).I want to apologise for this-the last thing I would want is to sever musical ties I have with such an amazing composer and a such a great individual as yourself. The New Surrism release is fanbloodytastic!”-Igor Jovanovic of LEZET

“Love Your Style, Music, True Music and Uniqueness In Your Band.”-La Femme

ON “THE ODDESSY AND THE DISCOVERY“: “i really like your album thats samples from 2001 amazing.. i like to listen to it when i get high.. “its dangerous hebrrrrrnnnnnnggggggg
nnnnnddddgggg “ignition, Full throttle””-Mike Petty of Black Pyramid Records

HOBO JAZZ“: “hi,your music is awesome, i’ve been listening to ‘hobo jazz’ for about a week already and still can’t get enough of it. if you’ll ever be thinking about releasing something similar in handmade covers in a very small print just tell me :)”-Andrey of TURBINICARPUS RECORDS

“Absolutely Brilliant my friend!!! “No Origin” had such a haunting sound. I really love those synth lines. Cold and brooding. Your page looks awesome by the way!”  “Spell Bound Tragedy” Is FUCKING AMAZING! I really dig where you guys took this! Bravo!!  “CAUGHT IN A REALM (RED HEAVEN)” Holy hell this track is cool! I love what you have done with this! I shall post ASAP!!!”- Gregory of THE METHOD LEARNED

“The new track (string theory) is cool, i don’t know if i’ve heard anything quite like that before. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I got the CDs and I’ve been listening to them. I haven’t listened to them all, but I thought you’d like to know, of what I have heard I’ve liked! Have you ever heard DJ SPooky’s remix album “Necropolis?” There are many parts of your tracks (such as those on “Sub-Underground Nemesis“) that bring the manipulations he does on that album to mind. It’s one of my favorite albums, so thats a good thing.”-SUBTERRENE

“i like your work a real big lot”- DAN HOLE POND

On video “Coffee is Evil”: “This video is creepy as fuck but I do agree that Coffee is EVIIILLL! It’s like the satan’s semen or something grossly evil like that!-Confused Sponge







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